Meeting pods

Meeting Pods can be described as a room within a room with meetings be the main reason for use. They come in different sizes so can accommodate meetings with different numbers of people. The pods can be fully enclosed, usually with a glass door and back-panel, or completely open. Closed pods benefit more than any other type of pods from improved acoustics as there is less places for sound to escape and enter. Open pods are often partially enclosed which means that they still have some acoustic benefits and can provide a place to speak more privately with others. Adding to this, whether open or closed, meeting pods sometimes have their own floor, or base, which means that sound can’t escape through the bottom of the booth.

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Being so effective with acoustics make meeting pods the ideal place to hold private meetings or somewhere to go if you need a quiet place to concentrate and focus on other types of work. Users are less likely to be distracted by others if they’re sitting in a pod or behind a door, as well as hearing less outside noise, other people will need to knock or open the door to talk to them making them question the importance or urgency of interaction. Meeting pods come in a variety of shapes, colours and finishes. They also have different features, including castors for mobility, desks/tables, power and lighting. Some of the pods shown are available in many sizes and some wont be pictured so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please ask us