Large pods

Though open plan layouts are the preferred design for office spaces, this openness has sacrificed the amount of private and quiet spaces available in offices. Building large meeting rooms for team meetings can be very expensive, time consuming and sometimes impossible as intrusive building works are often restrained in lease rules. Large Pods are an ideal solution to all these issues, in simple terms, Large Pods are spacious and fully enclosed units that provide instant meeting rooms. Large Pods are free standing, meaning they will not affect the structure of your office and even better, most of them come flat packed and can be disassembled and reassembled so that they can easily be relocated, making them a smart purchase as a one-off investment. 

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Large Pods are also self sufficient, many come fully equipped with lights, ventilation system and power units as a standard, and those that don’t have an option to have all these facilities fitted as an extra. Some Large Pods also come with integrated furniture such as working tables and seats, and there are also a number of pod accessories available such as power and data sockets, clothes racks, monitor brackets, etc. Adding to the qualities of Large Pods are the acoustic properties of the materials used in their walls, ceiling and sometimes floor and while the level of sound absorption varies from pod to pod, the full enclosure of Large Pods helps achieve high degrees of privacy and silence.

Large Pods are not only functional and efficient, they are also an example of great design and with a wide variety of shapes, styles and finishes available there is a Large Pod to please even the most sophisticated and demanding taste. The range of finishes for Large Pods varies from simple melamine walls, to all glass structures that allow for a weightless look and a clear view from the inside out. Large Pods can also be elegant and sophisticated, with natural wood finishes or be more welcoming or  homely with fabric walls inside and out. 

All of these attributes make Large Pods the ideal structures to provide comfortable and efficient spaces for formal and informal team gatherings alike. Large Pods can easily replace the meeting and boardrooms of the old days with modern and fully functioning units that can instantly change the performance of an office for the better.