Meeting booths

Meeting Booths are semi enclosed units, usually centred by a table or desk surrounded by an upholstered foam structure, without a front door, roof or floor. The main purpose of Meeting Booths is to provide meeting spaces for teams to gather with a decent degree of privacy but without fully isolating users. The absence of doors allows easy access to the booth, also providing a feeling of continued communication, keeping the unit accessible for all users. Further to this, because meeting booths are free sanding and do not have a roof or floor, they are easy to fit within most spaces without causing any disturbances. 

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Meeting Booths come in various shapes and sizes, with different goals in mind, for example, there are circular booths with high walls that provide a cave-like enclosure to give users a more complete sense of privacy. There are also other shapes with lower walls that allow a clearer view from the inside-out and vice versa, while still providing privacy. Meeting Booths are ideal for increasing privacy in an open plan space thanks to the quality of the materials used in their construction, most use acoustic foam on their side and back walls that decrease sound reverberation and increase sound absorption. Meeting Booths usually have integrated, cushioned seats that provide a comfortable and posture supportive structure where to sit and work in peace. Most Meeting Booths also come fitted with an integrated central table or can have one added as an extra, there is usually also an option to add power and data sockets so that users can comfortably work inside these booths with everything they need. 

Meeting Booths are also highly flexible units, they are available in a variety of sizes, from small two person structures, ideal for informal chats and one to ones; or much larger booths with capacity for seven are more people. Meeting Booths also come in a variety of finishes and, though most are upholstered, there is a large variety of fabrics and colours available, so that there surely is the perfect style for every space. The central tables are also available in a wide variety of finishes, from natural wood veneers to more neutral or vibrant solid colours. 

Meeting Booths are extremely functional structures, ideal to add semi enclosed spaces for people to gather in a comfortable and private environment. Thanks to the variety of shapes, sizes and finishes available, Meeting Booths are perfect additions to all kinds of open and public spaces, be it offices work floors, receptions or luxury hotel foyers, etc.