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Hush Meet Pod

Hush Meet Pod is a private pod with good acoustics and special features designed to provide a comfortable and functional space to meet and work in. No longer do meeting rooms need to be built into the office permanently; modular meeting pods are the future. A sleek design and numerous standout features make this pod a wise investment that will prove durable for years.


Hush Meet Pod – a private pod with advanced acoustic solutions


2150w x 2300h x 1390d mm (seats 4)

  • Variety of fabric finishes available
  • Anti-collision door marking
  • Option to hang a TV screen on the central panel
  • Fully customisable
  • Comes flat-packed so can be taken into most spaces
  • Acoustic certification of speech suppression and sound reduction
  • Able to install a monitor onto the central column (TV and brackets by others)
  • Power unit (2no. power) and light switch mounted in the central column, as standard
  • Air circulation system and motion sensing light included, as standard

Hush Meet Pod

The Hush Meet Pod creates the ideal acoustic environment for focused office meetings

With its sleek design and convenient size, you can quickly move the Hush Meet Pod and dismantle and reassemble it whenever needed. Other benefits include strong acoustics so a meeting can occur in privacy and without distractions.

Not only is the pod fully customisable, butsz it also packs impressive features and is highly affordable.

Hush Meet Pod is a private pod with good acoustics and various features designed to make a comfortable and functional space to meet and work in.

With Hush Meet, there is the added benefit that it can be moved if needed and even dismantled and reassembled if the office is being relocated. Other benefits include strong acoustics so a meeting can occur in privacy and without distraction.

It has clever cable management through the central column and the base, so IT equipment and monitors can be easily accommodated. Everything you see in the Hush Meet Pod, including lighting, power, table, and air circulation system, is standard.

Like the other Hush pods, Hush Meet Pod also has a translucent glass back panels, so it won’t disturb the light flow in the office and can be positioned in the middle and the office perimeter.

People in the office have a growing need to work in quiet spaces, away from their desks, so that they can have privacy, concentrate, and focus. Organizations with open-plan offices have treated these areas as secondary to other office areas and perhaps do not fully understand the advantages of using these spaces effectively. Office space planners are becoming more aware of the benefits and consider them an integral part of newly designed office layouts, and meeting pods, like Hush Meet Pod, are a key feature in them.

The benefits of the Hush meeting pod

With open offices commonplace today, more businesses seek ways to maintain open communication and prioritise productivity. With so many pods available, it’s hard to know where to start, but Hush booths and pods are some of the most respected around. Its many impressive features, but what the pod can do for your business makes the biggest difference.

Soundproofing capabilities

While most pods have some soundproofing abilities, the Hush range uses advanced acoustic solutions to ensure no sound gets into the meeting pods. With these high-quality acoustic materials, you can create a private space.

They’re also great for preventing meetings from bothering colleagues while they’re trying to work and also make it easier to concentrate on what’s happening with the meeting.

Boost productivity

While the Hush Meet Pod is primarily for meetings, it can also be the perfect place for a focus room. As they have a high level of soundproofing, the pods can facilitate better team collaboration and create the ideal acoustic environment to discuss various projects.

Individual workers can also use the room to focus without leaving the open office, which ensures they still feel part of the team, which is also good for productivity.

Remain professional

Every business needs to appear professional to prospective clients, and not having a dedicated meeting space can have the opposite effect. While employees prefer to work in an informal environment, the Hush Pod can accommodate remote and office meetings.

Whether inviting a prospective client into the office or wanting peace while video conferencing people, the Hush Pod won’t disappoint you.

Create an independent space

Perhaps most importantly, the Hush Meet Pod can take on any role you want, from focused work pods to bringing teams together for fresh energy and ideas. It’s also great for HR interviews and dealing with conflicts that must be entirely private.

While the pod can be an independent space, it also fits seamlessly into the rest of your office and won’t look out of place. You can customize it to look like your office furniture, ensuring consistency.


Size: 3-4 person

Function: Acoustic, Desk, Mobile


Construction based on the metal frame and honeycomb board with aluminum nodes. Side panels made of 3-layer honeycomb board, 38mm thickness. Both sides are melamine covered and finished with laser edging.

The middle column is made of 3-layer melamine chipboard, 18mm thickness, finished with laser edging. The back of the central column is finished in Cosmos Grey only. Includes 1 USB and one power socket.

An optional cable grommet (60 Ø mm) on the middle column enables cables to run from a TV into the column.

The back and front panels are made of safety glass, 10mm thick with an acoustic seal—the door is made of tempered glass, 8mm thick, with layers of acoustic film and a handle.


Dimensions: 1000w x 770d mm, 3-layer melamine chipboard, 25mm thick. Worktop finished with laser edging.

Upholstered elements:

Upholstered panels made of chipboard covered with polyurethane foam.



Weight: 230-240 g/m2.

Composition: 100% polyester.

Abrasion resistance: 80000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2).

Pilling resistance: 4-5 (EN ISO12945-2).

Light fastness: 6 (EN ISO 105-BO2).


Weight: 325 g/m2.

Composition: 70%WO, 20%PL, 5%PA, 5%AF.

Abrasion resistance: 100.000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2).

Fastness to Rubbing: Wet: 4/5; Dry: 4/5 (ISO105 – X12).

Light fastness: 5 (EN ISO 105-BO2).

Flammability – cigarette and match (BS-EN 1021- 1, 2) (BS 5852 – 0, 1).

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