What are acoustic office pods?

What are acoustic office pods?

A brief summary of what an acoustic office pods is

Acoustic office pods are a quiet room that you can position within your office, that is kitted out with a number of features to enable your office staff to work more comfortably and efficiently. The pods are acoustically designed to minimise outside noise when you are inside the acoustic pod which can disturb it’s users. The acoustic meeting pods therefore provide privacy to users by preventing noise from escaping the office pod.

Acoustic office pods helping open plan offices

What are acoustic office pods and which one is right for your office?

Acoustic office pods, which can also be called acoustic meeting pods, are the perfect addition to your workplace. They provide sometimes much needed extra room and private space that most open plan offices lack and people within the office desperately need. When a company runs out of space and they can’t rent more room, or increase the floor space of their existing office, acoustic office pods are an ideal, cost effective solution.

But how do you know which is the right one for your office? My Office Pod stocks a range of acoustic pods in a variety of sizes and shapes, all designed with acoustic properties in mind, making them the perfect extra meeting room that your office desperately needs.

Choose your perfect acoustic pods for offices that are designed with a variety of functions in mind, from office phone booths, office meeting pods, work pods, even sleep pods. We’ve got office booths with doors, or why not choose an acoustic pod that is open? With your pods acoustic abilities taken care of, you then have to decide: how do you want your pods finished? With integrated furniture? Will it be a standing workspace? What about the lighting?

Do we need acoustic pods?

There isn’t just one type of business that benefits from installing acoustic pods in their office. Our acoustic pods benefits employees and your customers alike. All of our pods are designed to enable staff to carry out focused work or hold a private conversation – they are the ultimate space solutions to encourage productive work.

Many of our customers work in an open plan office layout and don’t always have areas that they can have privacy to talk on the phone, with a colleague or in a small group. Adding to this, open plan offices can be loud and distracting. It is estimated that we lose an average of 90 minutes per day from distractions in our work environment (IPSOS study). Acoustic pods are a good solution to limit distractions in a noisy office and provide spaces for people to work in, away from the open office.

Acoustic pods are moveable furniture that provide spaces to work whilst manipulating the sound levels in and around them. They come in varying shapes and sizes and serve different functions such as private booths to work individually and larger areas to have a meeting with others.

Once an acoustic pod is in an office, it can also be relocated. That could be around the office to a different location, or to another building. As most of our products come flat packed, in order for them to enter most buildings without any issue, it means that they can also be unassembled. This means that when moving office for example, we can help move the product to your new location. For shorter distances, many of the acoustic pods have features that enable them to move easily without being dismantled, which means that you have the flexibility  to manoeuvre the pod as needed, to access the space around the pod just have it in a different location.

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