Office phone booths

A must in noisy offices or places where privacy is needed regularly. Not unlike the traditional telephone box found on the street, Office Phone Booths are a type of pod that you can walk into and make a phone or video call in privacy. In addition, using a booth to take phone calls also means that your conversation doesn’t distract your colleagues which can happen in offices, especially those designed as open plan. Office Phone Booths are an excellent solution to office noise and distractions. They have a small footprint which means that they can be positioned in many locations around the office without the need to reorganise all the other furniture or lose space for desks. Because the booths can be positioned where they are needed it can mean that users don’t have to go too far away from their workstations to take and make calls.

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To find privacy in an office, some employees will head to known ‘quiet’ areas, away from their desks, corridors or, in some cases, even outside of the building to find the privacy they need.

The booths have strong acoustics which means that phone calls can be made in private and noisy phone calls won’t distract others. Other features inside telephone boxes sometimes include tables to make notes on or use a laptop. Power, to charge your phone or plug in your laptop and sometimes, a seat to perch on whilst making calls. These features make Office Phone Booths a comfortable and practical place to work and they have the attributes to transform an office.