New York

Creating Home Offices Away From Home

In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, a unique project took shape. Framework embarked on creating a coworking space in a special warehouse location, aiming to provide individual working pods for tenants to rent their own office spaces. These pods, complete with desks, chairs, and other essential items, were designed to offer a private and personalized working environment.

To bring this vision to life, a large number of these working pods were meticulously installed, featuring real wood veneer on the exterior. The end result was nothing short of spectacular, with the coworking space now fully occupied and buzzing with activity. The attention to detail and commitment to excellence showcased by Framework is evident in every aspect of the project, regardless of its size.

The concept behind Lohko Box Pod stems from the desire to provide individuals with a peaceful and conducive space for optimal work. Drawing from nature-inspired elements and Scandinavian design simplicity, this modular meeting pod offers a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its carefully crafted design promotes a sense of calm, allowing users to focus and thrive in their work.

One of the key features of Lohko Box Pod is its adaptability. This versatile system can be seamlessly integrated into various office setups, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether it’s a collaborative meeting space or a private workstation, Lohko Box Pod can be tailored to suit any requirement.

Furthermore, the acoustic performance of Lohko Box Pod sets it apart from traditional office environments. By effectively reducing noise distractions, this innovative workspace solution fosters an atmosphere of concentration and productivity. Additionally, Lohko Box Pod comes equipped with essential amenities such as an air-circulation system, lighting fixtures, and power and USB connections, ensuring a comfortable and efficient working experience.

In conclusion, Lohko Box Pod offers a groundbreaking solution for modern workplaces. With its nature-inspired design, Scandinavian simplicity, and emphasis on well-being, this modular meeting pod epitomizes the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Whether used for private work or collaborative discussions, Lohko Box Pod empowers individuals to create their own oasis of productivity, ultimately leading to enhanced performance and satisfaction in the workplace.



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